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CIDEA is a software environment that facilitates the application of advanced Computational Intelligence Algorithms to Design Problems

An Integrated Environment


Optimise using state-of-the-art stochastic optimization algorithms, such as Evolutionary Algorithms and Particle Swarm Optimization. Both single- as well as multi-objective, constrained and unconstrained problems are supported. Results can be analysed using one of several powerful methods.

Train Predictive Models

CIDEA offers a range of optimised Machine Learning algorithms, including Backprop Networks and SVMs. Validation and Parameter Search facilities make model creation a breeze. Your created models may be used in optimization as Surrogate Models, queried directly through the CIDEA interface, or exported for any use.

Connect with Anything

CIDEA is ready for connectivity to various CAD and parametric design platforms. Currently the Grasshopper™ platform is supported. Soon Autodesk Dynamo™ will be supported too. We have also plans to support

An interface you'll be glad to use

CIDEA incorporates a clean and flexible interface that organizes your workflow in a single window, in the tradition of MacOS apps. Modules offer clean and well-organized interfaces, ensuring you will find the information you are looking for quickly. Most operations are performed using intuitive drag&drop gestures.